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                                                                                                              Milton Amateur Radio Club

                             "The Pride of the Florida Panhandle" 





                                                                           Milton Amateur Radio Club Information 

                 Club Constitution and By-Laws*              Club 2017 Officers

                  Club Membership Roster *            Club Monthly Meeting Minutes (Under Construction)

            Club Date & Time & Meeting Location          Club Calendar (Under Construction)

                   Club Swap-n-Shop                      Club Monday VHF Net 

                Club Membership Form                 Club VEC Testing Dates & Times & Location

         Club History (Under Construction Slowly)                  Club Up and Coming News

          Club Repeater listing with in 100 miles           Club Monday VHF Net Preamble

         First Step in getting your License                Hobby & Self Training after License

                        145.490 Mhz Grid Square Game at the bottom of web site. 

    Local 2017 Tailgators and Ham Fest with in 150 miles of Milton,FL

               Satsuma Tail Gator    PARC/FWB Ham Fest    Mobile Ham Fest 

          Floridatown Park Spring Tail Gator        Floridatown Park Fall Tail Gator

                                        Space Program 

            Space Shuttle      Shuttle Mir      Skywatch      Voyager      Solar Ham

         Hubble Space Telescope      International Space Station      Orbiting Satellites

        NASA Spot The Space Station over your back yard       AMSAT  Satellites

       SpaceWeather      Solar Watcher        SOHO Space Weather    WM7D Solar Resource

                                   Different Time Changes     

       World Time Zone          US Time Zone          Naval Oceanography Portal


               Amateur Radio Operators Old and NewWeb Sites 

   KF7IQ Home Page     W5WWW Home Page       N1YZ Home Page      KC0BRO Home Page

  Kansas Section Home Page   W9DUP Home Page    AC6V's Home Page      KG4FZP Home Page

   W1WC Home Page       N3UJJ Home Page      K0BG Home Page        KB7TBT Home Page

 W4AX Home Page      KE5EE Home Page   Ham Radio.World (for kids) Home Page

   Amateur YL Operators       The W5YI Group      NOAA Amateur Radio & Marine Forecast

            DXer Home Page   Ham Radio Trivia Knowledge   Echo Link Information

     FCC Data Lookup ULS Listing    BusComm Home Page    BusComm Ground Plain Dimensions

      Amateur Radio Operators Learning Sites, Interesting Reading

 RF Cafe Home Page     ICQ Home Page     Ham Crazy Home Page   Ham Radio Secrets Home Page

    QTH Home Page    QSL Home Page    ARRL Home Page    EHam Home Page   QRZ Home Page

  K7RA Solar Update     CQ-Amateur Radio Home Page     CQ 65 Great Things About Ham Radio

 Quicksilver Home Page     Dxwatch DX Listing Home Page     DxSummit DX Listing Home Page

      HRO Atlanta Home Page       GigaParts Home Page        Universal Radio Home Page 

       Radio City Home Page       R&L Electronics Home Page      HamStation Home Page  

  American Radio Supply Home Page   ARRL Store Home Page   Main Trading Company Home Page

       Associated Radio Home Page     Ham World Home Page     JMR Sales Home Page

                    Amateur Radio about Digital Voice Systems 

     WB8NUT Digital Home Page   N8XYM Digital Home Page   K6JM Digital Home Page  

   G4UCJ Digital Home Page    ARRL-Ohio Digital Home Page    N6DVA-Dwara Digital Home Page

     Charlottestar Home Page    W9ARP Hotspot Home Page     DV4MIN Blogspot Home Page

CQDX Europe Hotspot Home Page  Hamuniverse HF Digital Home Page  TRBO Digital Home Page

 G0HWC HF Digital Home Page    Amateur Radio Promoting Europe   BrandMeister DV4mini Info


       Other Interesting Web Sites for Amateur Radio Operators

   The Amateur's Code      Ham Radio Terms    DX Code of Conduct     DODROPIN Newline  

           Florida Repeater Council as of 02/06/2016 all mode Listing (State Wide) 

  Poufsen Wireless Home Page   Western Historic Radio Museum   Hallicrafthers Skyrider DD-1

 A Old Dream Station W7CCC   N4TRB Old RCA / GE Tips Sheets    Some Old Boat Anchor Manuals 

             VK3JQ & VK3KCM Home Page   Hammarlund Historian Home Page  

        Nostalgic Kits Central       Collins Collectors Association     WA3KEY Home Page  

      Troposphere Ducting Forecasts     10-10 Club Information     10-10 Call Sign Lookup Roster

           PSK Reporter Real Time Information Map     CQ Six 50 MHz DX Information

 DX Information Radio Hobbyists    DX G4IFB Tons of Information   DXzone Information Read Slowly


                           Amateur Radio Operators Local Weather Communication

                                   Weather Stations in Santa Rosa County, Okaloosa County, Escambia County.

            Santa Rosa County: NB8S  / Aprs DW4135  / Aprs DW8180

         Escambia County: WX4US

         Okaloosa County: N4GXX

         Skywarn Home Page       Home Town Weather Hurricane Central



    The Milton Amateur Radio Club present the 145.490 Mhz Santa Rosa Grid square game

                         Santa Rosa Grid Square Map and Rules listed below.

           Rules click here.          Santa Rosa Grid Game Map click here.


                            You are Vistor Since 01 January 2011

                                          web page hit counters codes Free



                                            Ham Radio Insurance
Ham Radio Insurance Associates. Insurance for Hams by Hams since 1994.
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     The yearly cost is $49.00 this, gives you the Monthly QST and Web Services

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